Nature creates stones. We create diamonds.

We manufacture diamonds in Five highly specialized polishing centres.

Each factory specialises in a particular type of rough diamond and follows the highest industry standards. 
The Taché diamond is the result of a close collaboration between nature and man: after nature provides the raw material, our craftsmen use their skill and sheer love for their work to produce a stone expertly cut and polished to reveal its brilliance. All rough diamonds are studies in potential. Our job is to make the absolute most of that potential.

Cutting Edge Technology

Diamonds are unchanging. The same can’t be said of cutting and polishing technology.

Taché’s polished diamonds are under continuous review by our attentive quality control team before they’re presented to our clients. That’s not only how we got to be amongst the market leaders; it’s how we stay that way, too. In order to uphold the highest quality standards, we’ve always insisted on equipping every one of our factories with the latest stonecutting technology. 

A team of in-house engineers and expert cutters conduct audits of our factories to make sure our production is up to the highest standards.


Our diamonds are 100% traceable. Why would you ever let something so beautiful out of your sight?

Taché’s factories have been designed and built so we can offer our customers a process that’s completely traceable, from start to finish, for each and every stone. 
Our manufacturing is scrupulously monitored by internal systems along with an IT platform that records everything from the moment we receive rough diamonds. 
Taché projects that made important contributions to the issue of ethical consumerism include “my-collectable” and in South Africa and Botswana, our emphasis on traceability led to the creation of “SA Birth”.
In 2008 in Hong Kong, De Beers launched the Forevermark brand. Taché was chosen as one of the first select group of sightholders to manufacture Forevermark stones. This was an honour, but it was also something else: yet another justification of our traceability initiative.


Rough diamonds may travel many thousands of miles to reach the proper factory. Because there are no shortcuts.

Each of our factories specialises in a different type of rough diamond, so after they’ve been sorted, rough diamonds are sent to the appropriate factory.

Taché has factories in:

Africa: Botswana, South Africa
Europe: Belgium, Armenia
Asia: India