Polished Diamonds

Introducing every rough diamond’s dream.

Taché’s polished diamond division is the leader in finest cut makes. 
A varied and wide-ranging stock lets us provide our clients with excellent assortments time after time. 

For each of our clients we develop a very strict quality matrix, based on cut-size-colour-clarity, to provide them with value added assortments in line with their specific set of criteria. We set the standard, and now we regularly attempt to surpass it. 

A network of twelve worldwide sales offices distributes our polished diamonds around the globe. We’re well known as a supplier of choice for most high-end jewellery houses, and we work every day to continue to earn that distinction.


The base of every piece of jewellery starts in this segment.

Tache Polished Diamonds division has in-house process that allows for the most complicated orders, such as heart and arrows specification, to be met with precision, consistency, and punctuality.
The unfettered access to rough diamonds through our rough diamond division and the level of specialization of our factories, allows us to provide our clients with a broad range of sizes (mm), shapes and quality.

Smaller melee sizes constantly face the risks of contamination from synthetic diamonds. A set of rigid internal processes has been put in place to guarantee a 100% synthetic-free pipeline.  One being, Taché’s proprietary technology – T-Shield.

Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are a feature of anyone's inventory. Our tailored selection approach is what sets us apart.

We offer our clients a large GIA-certified inventory, most of which has a triple-EX rating. A range of HRD- and IGI-certified stones complements our GIA inventory. From individual stone requests to layouts to large-scale orders and programs, if you need something you cannot find elsewhere, we can meet your needs.

Exceptional Diamonds

Perhaps the most challenging part of being on our tenders team is keeping one’s jaw from dropping.

Our long-standing relations with the world’s leading producers of large rough stones lets us offer our clients a breath-taking collection of truly exceptional examples. 
Many of these large rough stones are showcased by the producers in private tenders, which our specialized “tenders team” composed of eight senior gemmologists with 120 years of combined industry experience, attends in locations all over the world. From there, the daunting task of cutting these stones falls to our team of master cutters in Antwerp, South Africa, Botswana. They are the craftsmen who cut these large stones into dazzling and rare – indeed, unique – diamonds.